As part-time parents,
we needed a solution

2homes was conceived out of a desire to create a more stable and predictable situation for our kids. Ole-Tom Bugge, the 2homes founder, felt that the communication with his ex-partner worked only so well. He wanted a convenient overview of his kids' schedules and did not want them to become intermediaries between their parents.

For Ole-Tom, a father of three, the solution was to build a complete logistics system for part-time parents.

After a long and thorough development and test period, 2homes is finally available to everyone who struggle with similar challenges. Available on both mobile and PC.

- For me, it was primarily the need for better communication with the mother of my children that pushed me to develop the tool. Every part-time parent I have spoken to have experienced similar frustrations. It feels terrible when messages do not arrive or when you miss out on after-school activities or shows. It is also unpleasant to argue about how to share costs concerning joint children, but we see that it is a recurring theme and a breeding ground for quarrels.

- Even families that live under one roof struggle with the amount of logistics, so you can imagine how challenging it is to cooperate with a person you no longer live with. 2homes became the solution, says Ole-Tom.

A simpler everyday life

2homes simplifies the everyday life of part-time parents and their children. Parents share information through a joint calendar and document library. Another feature allows you to send and receive requests for sharing costs related to joint children. Replies are saved in the app to prevent arguments about who bought what, when and for whom. On top of that, the budgeting and accounting module helps resolve most practical challenges, all in one app.

- My children now have easy access to their calendar and know all events that are planned. Everything from training times, family birthdays, spending time with family and not least, they can easily see how holidays are divided up. The app ensures that both parents can follow up their children 100 percent, as the information is available to everyone, Ole-Tom says.

Many parents struggle with collaboration and dialogue regarding their children 

Ole-Tom is the type of parent who likes to be on top of things. As a part-time dad, he found collaboration and dialogue with his ex-partner challenging and tiring.

For that reason, he created 2homes.

- I found that my kids often had questions about "when, where and who". I did not feel that they had the stability and predictability that I want them to have. Messages you thought had been communicated did not get through and and agreements you thought were made suddenly changed. My idea was therefore to offer a tool, a to-do list, a system that you can easily search for information in. That was the start of the project, says Ole-Tom.

Ole-Tom saw the same need among his friends, of whom there were several divorced couples who had experienced similar communication struggles.

- I am incredibly heartened by the enthusiasm I am met with when I tell them about 2homes. It has always confirmed that this is something people need. Many benefit from improved communications with ex-partners through 2homes, and may even experience better communication and planning within their own household , says Ole-Tom.


Unique – an own app for the kids

In developing an app to streamline coordination and planning across two homes, we have always aimed to involve the kids in a proper way. 2homes Kids is designed so that children have easy access to their own calendar and messages addressed to them, while at the same time limiting their exposure to communications between their parents, budgets and so on.

- The Kids app is synchronized with both parents' 2homes apps. With this, they get access to their own calendar and messages from their parents. This means that they themselves experience more control in their own everyday lives. They can see what is happening, when and where, who's week or weekend it is, who follows up on different activities and who picks up. Children thereby get more predictable and harmonious everyday lives, Ole-Tom concludes.


Support from public institutions

The 2homes founder contacted Innovation Norway, a government agency that invests in promising startups, to present the idea, its development path and future plans - both nationally and internationally. The feedback was positive, and a formal application for a commercialization grant was sent. The processing time was short and the application was quickly approved.

- It was great to get validation of the project from an organization like Innovation Norway, says Ole-Tom. In addition, they offered a mentoring scheme through Ernst & Young, which I accepted.

The Research Council has also supported the project and given its support from the very beginning.

Both the support from the Research Council and Innovation Norway have been crucial for the development of 2homes. Founder Ole-Tom is grateful for the grants that have enabled him to realize his idea, plans and goals.


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