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Easier and better
everyday life for
part-time parents

2homes is the ultimate app for part-time parents. With a shared calendar, a common cost overview and a separate calendar app for the children, you have full control over all activities and shared expenses.

Shared Calendar

With a shared calendar, you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Both parties have full control over the children`s activities, regardless of whos week it is.

Update the calendar with trainings, birthdays and other activities and invitations, to make it easier for everyone to be more connected.

With the 2homes app, you get better control, less uncertainty and easier planning.

Shared cost overview

Openness and accessibility makes for less arguing around exppenses for then children. You can easily upload receipts for expenes you have for the children's activities, clothes or equipment. All documentation regarding costs are gathered in one place – reliable and transparent for all parties.

All documents at hand

Quick and secure access to documents wherever you are, minimizes stress and saves time. It can be invitations, important personal information, etc. regarding the children or yourself. With the 2homes´ archive, you have everything at your fingertips without searching elsewhere or contacting a third party.

Predictability for children with two homes

2homes kids is the children's own calendar, and the tailor-made solution provides an overview and predictability for children who live in several homes.

The calendar is synchronized with the parents', and other caretakers', calendars and thus always updated.

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Less frustration - more cooperation

2homes gives you a simpler and better everyday life as a part-time parent. Whether you live as a single parent or in a new family with bonus children, 2homes gives you a unique and easy way to keep track and work together with your ex-partner. For yourself, your children and all those around you that you love.

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