Simplify your children's lives across two homes

With the apps 2homes for part-time parents and children´s own 2homes kids, you will take better decisions for your family.

Shared Calendar

Time organization is crucial when we are overwhelmed with work and have a lot on our minds. The calendar helps you keep a full record of activities, invitations, meetings, etc. for you, your children and others you want to share information with. In the same feature you also set up the plan for your custody. The 2homes calendar is a must for part-time parents.

Shared expenditure register

Makes collaboration about purchace for kids easier. Transparency and access to information about children's needs for clothing, equipment, activities, etc. make everyday life as part-time parent easier. 2homes brings together all the finances in one place, presented in nice and reliable overviews.

All documents at hand

Quick access to documents wherever you are, minimizes stress and saves time. It can be invitations, important personal information, etc. regarding the children or yourself. With 2homes´ feature for this, you have everything at hand without searching elsewhere or contacting a third party.

Companion apps

The feel of safety and comfort is one of the most valuable things you can give your children. A dedicated application supplement the entire system. With 2homes Kids the children are always up to date, without engaging in their parents discussions.

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Together you can do more

Working together as parents is the best thing that can happen to your child. 2homes is a tool dedicated for the ones that care. We want the best for you and your loved ones. 2homes will help you to reach your goals.

Test it for 90 days and see the change

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