We Make 2homes As Good As One

An everyday solution for separated parents and children living in two homes

Easier to Communicate

Good organisation is the key to harmony. It helps all family members to stay up to date with kids’ daily routines and one time events.

2homes calendar meets the needs of parents who want to consciously plan shared custody for their children’s well-being.

Better Expense Control

2homes brings together all the finances in one place. Browse the expenses in clear and reliable overviews.

With 2homes App you can add new expenses to your list in two simple steps.

All documents at hand

Share access to documents wherever you are. Having all the information in one place saves time and spares you in any unexpected situations.

With 2homes You Can Do More

Working together is the best thing that can happen for your child. 2homes is tool dedicated for the ones that care. We want the best for you and your loved ones. We want to support you. Every time. Everywhere.