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Caretakers App

Whether you are part of a blended family with multiple caretakers or living alone with your children, you face the same challenges that need to be addressed. Economy, follow-up, custody, communication, yes everything that is between you and the others who has a role in your children growing up. With 2homes you get the opportunity to organize this better. Even the distance to your children can feel shorter when they are not together with you.

Kids App

Children should not take part in their parent´s disagreements. 2homes kids is the children's own discussion-free calendar, put together by one or both parents. Being informed about the daily agenda gives the child an increased sense of predictability and security. Always updated on your kids mobile.


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Working together is the best thing that can happen for your child. 2homes is tool dedicated for the ones that care. We want the best for you and your loved ones. We want to support you. Every time. Everywhere.