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The founders of the 2homes app experienced communication with ex-partners as challenging. They also wanted a better organized daily life for themselves and their children. The kids were the main reason for setting out on the adventure that has become a complete logistics system for both mobile and desktop use.

Mother of two, Anette Akselsen and father of three, Ole-Tom Bugge found that so many in their circles of friends and family, had the same challenges.

Anette and Ole-Tom recognized the same challenges with messages being lost, times mixed up and the kids having to take more responsibility. Not intentionally of course. So sparing the children of as much inconvenience as possible became a driving force for the development of a complete system for parents and children.

Overcoming practical challenges

Alternating between homes can be stressful and tough. Anette and Ole-Tom wanted an app that would answer to as many need as possible, without updates switching between several apps.

2homes solution makes everyday life for both parents and their children easier. All family members can share information through a joint and synchronized calendar. Other important features are the document library, and possibility to send and receive requests about sharing expenses. To avoid the “He said”, She said” responses are saved, helping to prevent future discussions over who bought what, when and to whom. The 2homes app also includes very useful and flexible budget and accounting modules.

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2homes Kids App for children

The founders wanted their kids to have their own customised interface, as they don’t need to see all communication between parents, or e.g. the budgeting or receipts for purchases made on behalf of the children. Not to mention sensitive information about themselves.

2homes Kids in is synchronized with both parents’ apps. Children have access to the posts concerning them, along with messages from the parents. They can see what happens, when and where without unnecessary confusion. Letting the kids be kids, and not the intermediates between parents, will allow for a more clear and harmonious day to day life.

Making Life Easier

Thanks to relevant functions and user friendliness, our app is everything you need to take care of your offspring. 2homes helps to organised your communication around calendar, expenses and documents, so there’s no need to juggle between a variety of apps. Everything is made clear and practical for the whole family.

“Our biggest wish for 2homes is to bring relieve to parents and their children in day-to-day challenges”, Anette and Ole-Tom conclude.

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